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About Damaged/Dull Skin

Everyone wants smooth, even-textured, flawless, and glowing skin. Besides looking great, a glowing complexion also signifies health and well-being. But as we move through life, most of us eventually suffer from skin issues, such as textural irregularities, dullness, and sun damage. At Phoenix Skin and Laser, our cosmetic providers carefully examine your skin to identify the root cause of your damaged and dull skin and provide cutting-edge skincare solutions to elevate your complexion.

Causes of Damaged & Dull Skin

You may suffer from damage and dull skin for a wide range of reasons, such as dehydration, lack of moisturizers, and the accumulation of dead skin cells. If you don’t invest in skin treatments, the dead and damaged skin cells accumulate within your pores, leading to insufficient hydration and a dull complexion. To make your skin look healthy and vibrant, you need to open up the pores, remove all the dead skin cells and debris, and hydrate it from within.

Treatments for Damaged & Dull Skin

Phoenix Skin and Laser provides cutting-edge cosmetic treatments to revitalize your complexion and treat damaged and dull skin. Instead of focusing on temporary results, our treatments address the root cause of damaged and dull skin — excess debris and dead skin cells. Our cosmetic providers carefully examine your facial skin, understand the root cause of your problem, and recommend the ideal treatments, which may include IPL photofacial, chemical peels, or HydraFacial.

IPL Photofacial

IPL photofacial is a unique skin rejuvenation technique that involves delivering highly calibrated wavelengths of light energy into the skin. Different wavelengths of light enter different layers of skin and address different issues. If you have dull and damaged skin, the cosmetic provider may calibrate the IPL device to address your textural irregularities. IPL photofacial also makes your body heal itself, leading to a uniform skin tone and a bright complexion.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are unique skincare products that exfoliate the uppermost layers of the skin and reveal smoother, softer, and more uniform skin underneath. Chemical peels essentially slough away the dead skin cells and debris, which instantly brightens your complexion. They can also stimulate collagen production within the skin, which encourages your body to heal itself. Chemical peels make your skin look brighter and more even-textured.


HydraFacial is a unique skin rejuvenation technique that combines three essential components of skincare — exfoliation, extraction, and hydration. The patented HydraFacial device exfoliates the dead skin cells and extracts the debris and oil residue, which opens up your pores. Once your pores are open, the cosmetic provider delivers a unique concoction of skincare products to hydrate your skin and revitalize your complexion. HydraFacial makes your skin look radiant from within and can be performed once a month.

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Phoenix Skin and Laser is a luxurious medical spa led by Katherine Bowyer, a board-certified advanced aesthetician specializing in aesthetic treatments in Portland. We believe in helping patients optimize their aesthetic wellness through non-invasive and clinically-proven cosmetic treatments, such as IPL photofacial and chemical peels. If you’re dissatisfied with your damaged or dull skin, please schedule a consultation to explore your treatment options in Portland, Oregon.

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